Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Mahuta in Labour's Top 20

Congratulations Nanaia Mahuta, for getting to Cabinet. After nine years of slogging away on the committees it is time to see what she has got.

Lianne Dalziel gets another crack at full ministerial status, having been punished enough for her mess up in immigration. Clayton Cosgrove, David Cunliffe and Damien O'Connor are also among the favoured 20 who will file into the cabinet room on Monday mornings, as is David Parker. As a lawyer (a short supply in Labour's parliamentary ranks these days), Parker probably benefited from Russell Fairbrother's failure to live up to expectations and his unforgivable loss of the Napier seat.

Parekura Horomia was re-elected. Given the lack of inspiration he brought to Maori affairs, it would be good to see him moved over this time and Mahuta put in that slot.

While the associate positions haven't been announced yet, don't expect to see Dover Samuels and Mita Ririnui retain their spots on that list - Clark isn't wanting to give them any reasons to stick around.

Mahara Okeroa may get some associate portfolio, given he upped his work rate over the past year and held his seat comfortably.

Clark would also be foolish not to give newcomer Shane Jones something meaty to get his teeth into, given the talk about the need for rejuvenation and the generally pedestrian look of most of Labour's line-up.


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