Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Banks adrift again

Former National minister and auckland mayor John Banks is continuing to show the disdain for Maori which was a feature of his polticial career.

On his Radio Pacific breakfast show, "Banksie" opined the incredible survival of diver Robert Hewitt was all a hoax.

Hewitt, a former navy diver, went missing from a dive charter on Mana Island, and was found 75 hours later by some of his mates who kept looking after the official search was called off.

According to Banks: "There are a lot of Maoris in the Navy. You'll never find a better Maori than the one that's in the military uniform. These blokes must be able to swim at least 400m. They've got to be able to swim with tanks, boots, respirators, and gear, 400m. Mr Hewitt was only 200m off Mana when he, quote, went missing, or found himself missing, or decided to go missing, or just missing. Why didn't he swim to Mana?"

There were lots of reasons, as outlined in the Herald stories, not least that he had hypothermia and was being swept along by tides and currents for three days.

Banks though has a deep antipathy to anything Maori, usually masquerading as a “joke”.

Let us not forget, when John Carter did his “Hone” stunt, pretending to be a Maori dole bludger on talkback radio, it was Banks he was sharing the jape with. And while Carter was banished for a while to the back benches, Banks skated - “That’s just Banksie.”

He is still, as they say in polite circles, a shit, as well as being a hypocritical humbug. Not that we can expect Pacific to take him off the air any time soon.


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